Rio De Janeiro Research Paper

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Rio de Janeiro, travel history.

Rio de Janeiro is now one of the best known holiday destinations in Southern – America, famous for its carnival and the favela tourism, Rio attracts a lot of domestic and international tourist. A long time before this, Rio de Janeiro already had a travel history. Rio de Janeiro was founded by the Goncalo Coelho in 1502, A Portuguese explorer. He is also the one who gave Rio de Janeiro the name that it still has now. 70 years later, Rio de Janeiro even became the capital of the southern province of Brazil. The big importance of Rio de Janeiro is noticeable in the 18th century, where, Rio de Janeiro became the most important city of Brazil. The port of Rio de Janeiro was used for the transport of gold, to Europe. Rio de Janeiro was the capital for a long time, until Brasilia took over. Now Rio de Janeiro changed in to the most important tourism city of Brazil, and in this chapter we will tell you why.

The first sings of Tourism in Rio de Janeiro.
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The carnival and the FIFA world cup in 1950.
The carnival first came up in the end of the 19th century, but already in 1930, carnival became the most important party of Rio de Janeiro, and furthermore, Brazil. Because of the carnival domestic tourism started to grow, in the years after that carnival was also the reason for international tourists to come to Rio (Brazil).
Another important element that was important for the development of tourism in Rio de Janeiro was the FIFA world cup, held in 1950. Rio de Janeiro was the host-city for the Final, therefore a new stadium had to be build, and also other elements were modernised. Unfortunately for Brazil, they lost the final against Uruguay, but the fact that during this match there was an attendance of 199,850, including tourist all over the world. The FIFA world cup can be seen as an important factor of the touristic growth of Rio de

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