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Executive Summary:

The report of the plant manager for RIO BRAVO IV, a subsidiary of Packed Electrical a division of General Motors identifies mistakes made by top management. These mistakes clearly indicate top management failure to use project management principles in starting up a new manufacturing branch. It also points out the learning outcomes when good efforts are placed at the right places and with the right human talent employed. In the new economy organizations have to focus on the customer, environment and its resources and change their approach in doing business (paradigm shift). Senior management has to give clear goals and utilize the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy.
Failure by top managed clearly state the
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There is no mention however of whether the customers’ requirements were defined. It was only stated that the client disliked the tape that wrapped the assemblies.

The result of the introduction of Sumitomo caused a long time of manufacturing changes, criticism of Rio Bravo and a lot of learning from the Rio Team. The first shipment to (NUMMI) was rejected due to the fact that there was too much variation of the colours of the cables.
This caused some doubts among some engineers who threatened to quit saying that the quality of their work was not recognised. It was only then when the General Manager Mr Elmer Reese gave reassuring words that the engineers decided to stay and have hope that they will have a share of the spoils if their results turned around.

It was only then that Rio Bravo used all their learning curves that they decided to turn their company around to meet the customer demands. This meant that a strategic operational management strategy be implemented which was customer focused.


The case study illustrates the challenges met by a newly established company i.e. Rio Bravo IV in a high performance and quality demanding Industry. It shows how the best operations management strategy is important and how customer focus is a key feature in the success of an organization. We also see how building

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