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What were some of the challenges that RIM faced to protect its intellectual property, and how did RIM handle those challenges?

RIM’s success in the industry of wireless technology, more specifically, the e-mail wireless communications, made the organization’s intellectual property a prime target for adversaries that were not involved in the technological innovation industry, but for patent holding firms that were sitting in the background waiting patiently for a big fish to fall prey of their treachery. The success of these patent holding firms in the patent infringement litigation arena opened the gates for RIM’s industry competitors to scavenge from the patent holding company prey.

Some of the challenges RIM faced to protect their
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This case has become the classical example of how the legal system was misused to enforce questionable patents by a firm that had never produced any innovations of its own (Reeve, 2007).

2. RIM Vs. Glenayre Technologies, Inc.

In 1999 Glenayre filed a patent infringement suit against RIM regarding a patented process involving power generation from a dual battery source. Glenayre’s 1999 lawsuit was dismissed by court in 2001 during the counter lawsuit filed by RIM (FundingUniverse).

In 2002, Glenayre agreed to drop other remaining lawsuits to work together with RIM to develop a new wireless email device.

3. RIM Vs. Good Technology

In 2002, RIM filed numerous suits against 2000 start-up and competitor Good Technology. In March 2004, Good Technology agreed to a licensing deal and settled the outstanding litigation procedures (Shim, 2004).

4. RIM Vs. Xerox

In 2003, while still involved in litigation procedures with NTP and Good Technology, RIM filed a lawsuit against Xerox. The suit was filed in response to discussions about patents held by Xerox that may affect RIM’s business, and also asks that patents held by Xerox be invalidated (Reid, 2003).

5. Visto Vs. RIM

In 2006, RIM was sued for infringement of 4

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