Essay Rights Of Persons Accused Of Crimes

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Rights of Persons Accused of Crimes (suspicion, arrest, and trial: legal counsel) There are legal protections that were created in order to preserve the rights of individuals. The most important one is the procedural due process which can be interpreted as “[a] term [that] refers primarily to procedures that authorities must follow before a person can lawfully be punished for an offence” (Patterson, 2015 p.122). This process has considerably strengthened the probability of a fair trial by offering protection to a person from things like arrest, conviction, and in some cases punishment with imprisonment or sometimes even death. As it is states in both the fifth and fourteenth amendment, “no person can be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law” (Patterson, 2015 p.122). This leads me to the first phase, suspicion, which pertains to unreasonable searches and seizure. In the years right before the American Revolution, colonists were furious because of how the British soldiers would frequently break into their homes in search for anything that of anti-British activity. For this reason, the Fourth amendment was inserted in the Bill of Rights so that the U.S. government would/could not act in such manners. This amendment protects individuals contrary to random police actions. For example, if you were caught in the crime than you could be arrested and searched but you cannot be arrested or searched based on suspicion without a warrant. “In such…

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