Right Vs. Wrong From The Old Testament Know If They Have Sinned

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Right vs. Wrong:
How Did a Christian in the Old Testament Know If They Have Sinned? Criminals, we know them and we have them. In order to be a criminal you must commit a crime. Question is how does one know when a crime is committed? Laws the answer to the question is laws. Laws are created to keep order. Imagine America without a president. It would be very chaotic and people would be out of control. In Judges 21:28, Israel was without a king. Everyone was right in their own sight. This is an example of how America would be without a president. To prevent situations like that we elect people to make and enforce laws. In America, we have laws like drivers’ manual, road signs, HIPPA rules, and etc. These laws are put into effect to have order in the world. Just like we must have laws in the natural world, they are needed in the spiritual world as well. Imagine a Christian living life with no rules. How could one know if they were sinning or doing wrong? When Moses helped freed the people of Israel, God created laws. These laws were created to let the people know when they are sinning and what they should not do. These laws are called the Ten Commandments. A Christian in the Old Testament needed to know what the Ten Commandments were in order to not sin. The Ten Commandments are ten laws in the bible that God gave to the nation of Israel shortly after the exodus from Egypt (gotquestions.org). In the Ten Commandments, there are ten laws that tell the sins. The first…

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