Argumentative Essay: The Right To Be A Woman

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Right To Be A Human "Feminism isn 't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It 's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” said G.D. Anderson. This quote shows how women fought for equality for years. Women were always seen as housekeepers, and a weaker gender that doesn’t have any rights. For many centuries girls were growing up with a thought that they must sit at home, cook, and look after children. Any girl or woman couldn’t see their life differently, until the feminists came. After women got some rights feminists stopped their work. They thought that after all difficulties women would have their rights, but it was not for long. Feminists are needed now …show more content…
In the article, “A Better Balance: Providing Survivors of Sexual Violence with “Effective Protection” Against Sex Discrimination Through Title IX Complaints” it says, “Despite Title IX’s prohibition against discrimination based on sex, many survivors of gender-based violence receive little to no support from their college or university after experiencing violence. In response, an increasing number of survivors are filing Title IX complaints with the U.S.”(2134) it continues, “After they file these complaints, most survivors must wait years—sometimes even until after they graduate or withdraw from the institution to get redress.”(2134) This shows how women are scared to talk about discrimination. Later, feminists believed that this was the end of discrimination for women. After time it didn’t work like it supposed to work. Now, still women are discriminated in colleges and universities. Next, Title IX didn’t help all women; most women need help now. Nowadays, women are afraid, but they are allowed to be safe and free to talk about their problems in colleges and universities. So, feminists are still needed today for women to safe from discrimination in higher

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