Essay on Ricky : Life Was Somewhat Simple

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Ricky Henison thought life was considerably simple. People were born, then they died, and both situations happened the same way… alone. This wasn’t always his view on life. Actually, before recent events Ricky was all about being Mr. Popularity, but, now his philosophy was punch first; talk never.
What a dimwit. Ricky thought shoving a boy twice his size against his school lockers. The boy came up to Ricky accusing him of looking at his girlfriend. Ricky assured him if he’d looked at the girl he’d have gouged out his eyes from the gruesome event. Needless to say, the boy fell into a rage by the comment and punched Ricky in the jaw, starting the fight.
He really thought he could take me. Ricky thought, laughing. The boy wasn’t dumb to think he could beat up Ricky. Ricky looked in no way as strong as he truly was. In the past, people would stare in astonishment at his strength as he lifted objects twice his own weight. Nope, simply looking at Ricky wasn’t an intelligent way to gauge his strength. Truth-be-told, Ricky was never quite sure where his strength came from. He never worked out, except to show off for a cute girl. The fact was he didn’t care to know the answer, especially now as he was about to knock this Neanderthal unconscious.
Ricky raised his balled fist in the sky, but when he tried to slam it into the boy’s face he felt something holding him back. He looked over his shoulder and saw Principal Anderson clutching his fist.
“Mr. Henison, Mr. Richards my office,…

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