Richer Nations Helping Poorer Ones Essay

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n the age of globalization, the rich and poor divide has grown into a chasm. Richer and more developed countries enjoy access to technology and a higher standard of living, whereas the poorer and less developed countries are struggling with poverty, malnutrition and lack of basic amenities.

This is where one might question whether the richer nations should help the poorer ones. The rich has many reasons why they should help the poorer nations, it portrays them in a good light, it will benefit them economically and politically, out of pure altruism, or even because it has been said that the rich nations have been exploiting the poorer nations and should now give back to them. However, the richer nations should only help to an extent
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The colonizer helped build up the countries infrastructure, their roads and ports, and help open up the country to trade. They brought their expertise with them and shared their technology with their colonies. Hence, it is not objective to say that only the colonizers gained from colonizing other nations, as the colonized countries also gained much from the transfer of knowledge and opening up of trade opportunities. Also, in the case of sweatshops, where most people think that complete exploitation occurs, has benefited these poorer countries by boosting their exports. It is because of the very fact that the countries are poor, when what looks to the richer nations like bad jobs at bad wages are almost always much better than the alternatives. The low wages means that these poorer nations can compete with richer nations since they have an abundant cheap labor force and costs much lesser than in the richer nations, and hence boosting their countries growth. If the wages were any higher, these jobs in the poorer countries would not exist. In 1993, child workers in a Bangladesh sweatshop were found to be producing cloths for Wal-Mart, and Senator Tom Harkin proposed legislation banning import from countries using underage workers. The result was that these sweatshops closed down and the children ended up in worse off jobs, went begging on the streets or even forced into prostitution. Hence, by "exploiting" the poorer nations, it is

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