Essay on Richard Wright 's The American Dream

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Richard Wright’s African American literature expresses the theme of exploring black identity(World Book Discover, 2015). Richard Wright wrote many popular books with this theme in mind including Native Son and Black Boy. Wright lived in a time of racial segregation which greatly affected his work and views on the American Dream (Galens et al. ,2001). The American Dream is the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. Richard Wright condemns the idea of the American Dream in his books Native Son , Black Boy, and Uncle Tom 's Children that expresses African American’s struggles as well as his own struggles through racial conflicts, whites oppressing blacks , and unachievable goals. I. Topic sentence #1:
In Wright’s autobiography Black Boy the readers get a look inside the harshness of his life and the feeling that his dreams might never be achieved.

A. Evidence #1 Wright’s writing shows that equal opportunities are not given to both blacks and whites

1. In Black Boy, Wright shows how the white world degrades blacks (DISCovering Authors,2003).Whites degrading blacks shows that equal opportunities are not given to achieve success.

2. Richard Wright wrote this quote "I would feel hunger nudging my ribs, twisting my empty guts until they ached. I would grow dizzy and my vision would dim." (Black Boy, 15) describing how he was less fortunate during his youth in a…

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