Richard Wright 's `` No Such Thing As Racial Profiling `` Essay

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Black Boy in the Twenty-First Century 70 years after the publication of Black Boy, the social aspects of a black man’s life today would have shocked Richard Wright, the author of the autobiography, with how little and how much things have changed in our “modern“ society. If Richard Wright were to write a book titled Black Boy today, he would write about the brutality of the police towards black people, racial profiling and finally, the black society and their ability to unite today. First, police brutality is an example of something Richard Wright would write about, because his literature made people aware of the existence of black people as an oppressed group. In Jelani Cobb’s article “No Such Thing As Racial Profiling“, Cobb argues that the policeman who killed an unarmed black man was given power from the state, and therefore his actions are not labeled as a “crime“. Cobb points out that, “African-Americans are thirteen per cent of the population“ and that “they are also, horrifyingly, fifty-five per cent of the homicide victims“. Cobb’s purpose is to bring attention to the fact that police brutality could be protected by the government. I agree with Cobb’s intentions on talking about the government’s role, because we might think that our modern society has modern laws, while it is not always true. This work is significant because Richard Wright would not be satisfied with the situation Cobb describes in his article, and would write about it to express the…

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