Richard Wright 's Native Son Essay

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What does it mean to have the blues? It can be described as a feeling of grief or loneliness and having internal despair. Having the blues can be temporary, just due to having a bad day. One can feel permanent blues due to emotional baggage from the past or outside forces causing stress to a person. Nevertheless, the feeling of blues was first expressed through various worksongs and spirituals sung by displaced Africans during the American slavery period. Black writers soon expressed the blues emotion through blues literature. Famous novels such as Richard Wright 's Native Son (1940), Gayl Jones ' Corregidora (1974), and Toni Morrison 's Jazz helped to put blues literature on the map for all to receive a taste of the black struggle. A blues novel can be defined by a African-American protagonist who is negatively affected by the effects of ancestors and a male dominant environment, which leads to the usage of a blues weapon to fight back against society. The Blues is a form of folk poetry centered around the many concerns of African american people, related to all aspects of African American life. The lyrics of a blues song are expressed as a lament, where the singer has a “woe is me” attitude. It is very rare for a blues song to be upbeat or a fast tempo, the song is not meant to be celebrated or to create optimism. The basic blues songs theme is: I am so sad, please listen to my story and you will know why. The songs are written to express feelings of deep sadness or…

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