Essay about Richard Waldorm 's The Final Hour Of Work

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It was his final hours of work. After that, Richard Waldorm will have a long break from his job. As he picked all his papers and headed toward the exit door, he heard a voice calling him. When he looked back, he noticed a tall man running towards him. However, he didn 't recognize his face since he was addlebrained during this moment. The tall man approached him, extended his hands, and waited for Waldorm to respond. However, after a moment of silence waldorm took a step forward and shook the tall man 's hands.
" It was great working with you, Waldorm"
" John, it ...." Waldorm replied with words he couldn 't recall Later.
It was unlikely for Waldorm to mumble words and respond in a sad tone. He was always energetic and blossoming. All his coworkers loved his uplifting presence. He was a tall and charming architect. Also, he was one of the most successful architects in his town. However, that night he seemed strange. Something was troubling him.
"Waldorm … Waldorm, are you okay?" John 's voice was filled with terror. He continued to talk as Waldorm ignored him and moved closer to the exit door.
When, Waldorm was in the parking lot, no voice was heard except for his footsteps. His gaze was constantly fixed on the pavement as he walked. When he reached his car, he stood and stared at his reflection in the tinted window. His face was slim and his hair was dark. He reached into his pocket and searched for his keys, when suddenly a loud scream was heard. He froze in his place…

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