Richard Turere Chapter Summary

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Richard Turere observes a family problem from the predators, because the predators hunted down the villagers’ animals. The warrior class of the community started to protect the domestic animals by killing the predators, especially lions. Richard believed killing the lions was not an acceptable idea; therefore he started formulating hypothesis and testing new methods. The fist hypothesis was regarding fire, which failed, so he adopted a new method to use scarecrow. Lions observed that the scarecrow was stationary at one place, and attacked the domestic animals. He learned that the lions are afraid of the lights, he incorporate to construct a light that imitated a person walking in the shed, thus preventing attacks from the lion, or other wild …show more content…
This idea is related to the response concept in biology. This talk gave the sensation that the Lions had an associative learning, is when an animal make connections between experiences. For instance, the scarecrow it did not affect the lions, because lions learned that the scarecrow is stationary and is not moving, thus ensuring the higher attack rate on the domestic animals. On the other hand the light that simulated a person in the shed, causes the lion or other predators to stay away from the shed. In order to protect the domestic animals the community formed a group of people that killed the predators. Predators learned that this group is dangerous, and the light signifies that there is some danger present by the light (behind the shed). This seems like an operant conditioning, where animals changed their behavior based on the prior experiences. This article helped me to expand my knowledge in the response behavior of the animals, by relating examples to the different learning behavior of the animals, especially associative

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