Richard Trenton Chase Case Study

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[W]hite male in his 20s or 30s, who was strong, probably with a previous criminal record, familiar with the area, and comfortable enough with the victims that they would enter his vehicle without question.
The lack of sexual interference indicated it might be someone with sexual dysfunction. The post-mortem injury inflicted on June Stott, and not on any other victim, indicated that the killer was becoming more comfortable around corpses, probably returning to the crime scene again later to relive the attack (para. 21-22).
Shortly after establishing that profile, they located him close to the crime scene of one of his victims, while looking for a missing person, at the time he was see he was either masturbating or urinating. ( Editors, 2016). As one can tell, he exhibited several of the characteristics described by the FBI, which includes but is not limited to, low IQ, unstable relationships, unstable and unskilled job history, returned to the crime scene, and victim 's bodies were left in view.
The organized killer is the exact opposite of the disorganized killer and leaves little evidence at the crime scene. Unlike their
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He murdered six people in under a month before he was apprehended. Chase grew up in a very dysfunctional family, had borderline low average intelligence, and consistently received bad grades while in school. He suffered from erectile dysfunction at an early age. He spent much of his life in and out of mental institutions. During his short-lived murder spree he was delusional, he believed that the aliens and Nazi 's made him commit kill his victims. According to Storey, Strieter, Tarr and Thornton, (n.d) "he drank the blood of his victims and ate their internal organs. He did this as part of a delusion that he needed to prevent Nazis from turning his blood into powder via poison they had planted beneath his soap dish" (para.

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