Richard Toddwell's Black Boy, By Richard Wright

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Black Boy Research Paper

Richard Wright was born after the Civil War, but before the Civil Rights Movement. Wright spoke out about the problems that he and other black people faced through his writing. Black Boy, his autobiography, was about the hardships he faced growing up as a black boy in America what happened to the people around him. If he were to write a novel titled Black Boy today, he would write about police brutality towards black people, how white people treat white privilege, and the “thuggification” of black people in the media.

In Ta-Nehisi Coates article, “Nonviolence as Compliance,” Coates argues that officials that are calling for calm at the Baltimore riots can’t offer rational justification for Freddie Gray 's death so
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However she claims that she never realized how early in her children’s life would they be stereotyped, labeled and feared. She supports this claim by first explaining about the time in which a fellow mother at her son 's preschool made an uncomfortable, inappropriate comment sexualizing the interaction between her son and the woman 's daughter. She questioned why this woman would comment about how her diaper wearing son was flirting with the woman 's daughter when he was just simply being kind hearted. She then pointed out that she feared the days in which he grows up, knowing that soon he will go from receiving smiles and compliments from strangers to being the target of their fears and ignorance. He will go from “cute” and “sweet” to “suspicious” and “threatening,” being determined that he’s worth less simply due to the color of his skin. This is work is significant due to the fact that too many parents of black children fear for their child 's life, praying that they will live through their teenage years and grow

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