Richard Rodriguez Story Of My Own Experience Essay

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Richard Rodriguez story is very much a story of my own experience. We all grew up and left home for college to become educated. I can relate a situation kindred to Rodriguez, when he was vexed:
I was the one who came home and corrected the “simple” grammatical mistakes of our parents. (“Two negatives make a positive.”) I was oddly annoyed when I was unable to get parental help with homework assignment. The night my father tried to help me with an arithmetic exercise, he kept reading the instructions, each time more deliberately until I pried the textbook out of his hands saying, I’ll try to figure it out some more by myself (Rodriguez 339). I can recollect a particular instance of my own, when I was puerile. My family was also a middle-class back then. My dad was diligent at his work every day and my mom was a housewife. She had no high school education and she was unlettered in English. They lacked education because didn’t have anyone to fund them for their education during their past life times of going to college. More importantly, English was not even my native language and I was studying in an English School were most of my course were translated in English. With all that in mind, I was never exasperated about the fact that I never had anyone to avail me with my homework. I actually understood how hard my parents worked to pay for my educational expenses, they never perceived. Instead they avail their children to perpetuate their dreams.
I recollect another…

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