Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker

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The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez is the serial killer nicknamed “The Night Stalker”. He was also a serial rapist and satanic worshiper. All of his victims were killed in the Califronia area most of which were killed in Los Angeles during 1984 and 1985. Ramirez was an active serial killer during his mid-twenties. Regarding Ramirez’s victims he had between thirteen and sixteen victims that were both male and female ranging in a variety of ages. Most of his crime along with the serial murder involved rape, robbery, and mutilation his victims. Ramirez ended the life of his victims by shooting them, stabbing them, and /or beating them to death. Ramirez last victims were Bill Carns and his Fiancée Inez Erickson in August of 1985. After shooting …show more content…
The victims vary by serial killer, but there is a special relationship between the serial killer and his/her victim that involve specific characteristics that will help facilitate and embody their fantasy. If the victim the serial killer had in mind is not available they will take the next best thing (Baker, 2001). In general 75.4% of victims of serial killers are female. Out of this number 50.4% of victims are between the ages of fourteen and twenty nine years old.60.2% of these victims are racially white. Along with statistics 41.5% of victims have a customer/client type of relationship with their serial killer. These victims are lured by the serial killer 65.4% of the time using a ruse/con. The bodies of the victims are usually found within less than after the murdering act takes place. Victims are generally picked up and murdered within a general distance of their place of residence. In regard to motivation for the serial killer’s victims are usually killed for sex and killed by the act of strangulation. In regard to victims it all comes down to routine activities theory. Lack of a suitable guardian, presences of a motivated offender, and the presence of a suitable …show more content…
Law enforcement has to successfully work together and recognize a specific pattern in the murders that have been committed by serial killers. They have to be able find and identify evidence to tie all the murders to that one victim to be able to say yes that’s the person that murdered this victim and so on. In some cases it could take months or years before the discovery of a serial killers victim. Investigators of a serial killing case have to be able to profile a serial killer without any specific direction of what the serial killer looks like or he/she is. All they have to go on is the crime scene, evidence from the crime scene, and witnesses that may have information on the victim. They build the profile from the ground up because each serial killer is different. Behavioral profiling is now being used taking basic psychological aspects and turning it something that can help understand and catch the serial

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