Richard Misrach : An American Contemporary Photographer Essay

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Richard Misrach is an American contemporary photographer that focused mostly on landscape photography. One of his main goals was to capture the effects of the society on nature. (Artnet) Misrach’s work consists mostly of nature and landscapes. His photo I have selected is of the aftermaths of a forest fire at Yosemite. It is unknown weather the fire was man made or from natural causes but it does make one think of the effects they might be having on this gorgeous earth. Misrach’s Yosemite (Burnt Forest & Half Dome, 1988 is beyond breathtaking and captures so much detail of this gorgeous planet called earth. I hope all that stand in awe of this piece reflect on the impact both positive and negative humans can have on the earth. Misrach’s image Yosemite (Burnt Forest & Half Dome) includes many elements; linear perspective, natural colors, asymmetrical layout, and eye catching features as you move through, this all allows the beholder to take in every element and helps Misrach get his point across.

One of the very first things that grabs your attention and draws you in is Misrach’s creation of space and depth in Yosemite (Burnt Forest & Half Dome). The image almost appears infinite and seems to just keep going deeper into the mountains. Misrach was able to capture the true depth of Yosemite using linear perspective manipulation of light, lines, and focal points. If you look off to the left of the image the light is more prominent in this corner and darker the more you move…

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