Richard Linklater Coming Of Age Analysis

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Auteur of Coming of Age
Richard Linklater is a self-taught director who has been creating films since the 90’s. His films are intensely honest and realistic in their depiction of life. In order to be an auteur it is necessary to create movies in which a part of them resides in each of their films. This is true of Wes Anderson and his dream world, and of the Coen Brothers and their dark humour, moreover, Richard Linklater is an auteur in that he uses his personal experiences to build his films. Pursuing this further, Linklater repeatedly focuses on the passage of time, the act of communication and his depiction of masculinity and femininity, and his films always take on a natural humanistic perspective.
Richard Linklater says that the phrase “seize the moment” is wrong, because really in life the moment almost always seizes us. Linklater looks at time as a series of moments and growth. Most of Linklater’s films all take place in the span of one day, with the exception of Boyhood, which takes place in the span of 12 years. It is apparent that Linklater is often preoccupied with the
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Linklater is a realist director, his films are not flashy or extremely edited. Robbie Collin writes of Linklater, “The audience had to be responsible for interpreting what they saw – not least because decoding what’s around you is a fundamental part of the experience of growing up”. Humanism is a perspective that emphasizes the study of the whole person. Linklater is a humanist in that he seeks to understand rather than judge people. His characters are always neither good nor bad, and though some may have villainy behavior, are still people and deserve understanding. People have a tendency to compartmentalize people, in films, characters are typically regarded as good or bad. However, Linklater shows the deeper part and doesn’t push his viewers to judge the

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