How Did Jefferson Want To Colonize America

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As the new Republic was in its early infancy stages of starting to enact its newly gained powers, questions began to arise about the liberties and equalities of others. Richard Allen, a preacher and former slave, spoke out about certain liberties that were granted to him. Early in his life, his master treated all his slaves with respect, kindness and was viewed as a father to all his slaves. Allen’s master not only allowed his slaves the freedom to attend church meetings, but permitted his slaves to exercise their liberty to choose for themselves if they wished to attend public preaching. In time Allen’s master not only freed his slaves, but he gave them a substantial amount of money to make a new life for themselves. With this new obtained …show more content…
The reasoning behind this was pointed out by Jefferson why there were issues outlawing slavery, the main issue was the ingrained biases of the white settlers. The colonies wanted to colonize America with more people. Only problem is it would cost a considerable amount of money to bring foreign white settlers over. Questions that Jefferson brought up was why couldn’t the colonies induce the slaves into the state instead? The problem found within that reasoning Jefferson foresaw the backlash of racism to the blacks by the whites, which would only divide them further. Jefferson observed the distinction of the blacks and whites, although different in particular areas of culture, musical talent, and color of skin they were endowed with the same higher level thinking and the ability to learn as the white people. To say they are inferior to the whites on reasoning and ingenuity is lie in itself as pointed out by Jefferson. The reasoning the slaves aren’t freed is due to the constant cycle of future generations learning to keep up with the free labor mentality. In the end, Jefferson admitted that change was inevitable, and one day the time will come that slavery will be

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