Richard J. Foster 's Celebration Of Discipline Essay

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As I finish freshmen year at Olivet and continue my Christian journey, it is important to understand how to mature as Christ. I talked about the truth of the Bible, the comprehension of scripture, the implications of the Apostle’s Creed and Christian doctrines, and the discovery of sin in humanity. In addition, I talked about the community of Church, the theological analogies in the Great Divorce, and the beauty of holiness. After learning this knowledge, I understand how difficult the Christian walk is; however, Richard J. Foster’s Celebration of Discipline expresses different disciplines for a Christian to do as he walks in the footsteps of Jesus. Foster divides them in three categories: inward, outward, and corporal. I will illustrate Foster’s interpretations of disciplines and explain how each of them plays a role for us.
First, Foster describes about the inward disciplines; they shape our innermost beings. In other words, God uses them to shape our heart and soul. Meditation, prayer, fasting, and study are four types of inward disciplines in Foster’s book.
As a child, I have understood mediation as monks folding their legs, sitting still, and humming. In addition, I compared yoga to mediation where a trainer instructs slow stretching and tells us to think about nothing. However, meditation is being still to know God Himself (Psalm 46:10). It is to listen and to hear God’s voice (Foster 17). When we meditate, we enter God’s presence without the distractions of the world,…

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