Richard Dick Holm Essay

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For some, attending college is a far-fetched dream, but to not only go to college but having a long career in a field that most only dream of: The CIA. Blackburn College made this possible for Richard “Dick” Holm, a Blackburn Alum, class of 1957. Holm born in Chicago Il but grew up in Elmhurst Il had what one would call the ideal life. He had two brothers and a sister; played sports and had what he called an “easy life.”

Holm learned of Blackburn College when a friend of his mentioned Blackburn College and its Work Program. Intrigued, Holm applied to the school when he discovered how affordable it was. Once he was accepted, holm made the decision to come to Blackburn. He majored in Economics. Being a part of a one of a kind work program such as Blackburn holm had a couple of jobs on Campus. His freshman year he worked construction in Olin. Then in his sophomore year he worked as an assistant coach, remaining in that position until he graduated in 1957.

When he graduated his parents moved to Kansas city and he followed suit until he was drafted into the army and stationed in Bordeaux, France. He also served in Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam and Laos “You felt like you were on the front lines. I mean you were doing very important work. It was
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“I liked doing intelligence work. I liked living abroad. I was patriotic and anti-communist. I decided I wanted to do what the big kids were doing, The CIA. So I just walked in the door and said ‘I’d like to work here’ and they ultimately agreed.” After a long career in intelligence and his work in the military, Holm was awarded The Distinguished Intelligence Medal which was the CIA’s highest awarded career medal. When asked how it felt to be awarded this award, Holm was humbly grateful to have received this honor “I mean come on, it felt great. I was

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