Essay on Richard Cory : Rich With Money But Not Friends

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Richard Cory: Rich With Money but Not Friends
Edward Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory” displays a complete misperception of the speaker and the other townspeople in regards to material wealth, while showing that human relationships are vital. In this poem, Richard Cory was termed as the richest person of the town. Name Richard means rich and powerful and he was exactly same as his name meant. His appearance and his richness seemed to be royal. Other persons of town found him kingly, while they couldn’t afford meat in everyday meals during time of hardness he always could. They literally became jealous of his ability to buy anything he wished.
The speaker of the poem comments first on the ways Richard Cory impressed people when he came to town. The townspeople couldn’t help themselves from noticing him, even though he was “always human when he talked,” (line 6). He was a common person from his behavior, however everybody noticed him because of his special dressing. He was too forward in style as compared to the townspeople who thought themselves as “we people on the pavement” (line 2). Richard especially made marks due to his physique, which is regarded as “imperially slim” (line 4) and his “cleaned favoured” (line 4) attitude. Even when he said “Good morning,” people found it glittering (line 8).
The speaker is also impressed by Richard Cory’s style. He was very modest in his behavior. He was “admirably schooled in every grace” (line 10), meaning he was perfect in…

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