Richard Cory And New Criticism Essay

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Richard Cory and New Criticism
Firstly, by looking at the language, in the first stanza we can pick out words such as pavement, which is the surface of the road that is constantly walked upon. The poet did not write “we people on the street” but “on the pavement”, putting them at the lowest level. Then, words such as “crown” and “imperially” both have kingly connotations and are associated with Richard Cory. In the third stanza there is the word “schooled” that can either be associated with the idea of teaching or strongly discipline with a negative connotation behind it.
Moving on to the use of allusive language, not much can be found, be maybe some allusions to the Bible or at the very least to the Christian religion with words such as “grace” and “light” and the phrase “cursed the bread”. Yet, these would best be suited in the analysis of images.
As such, they represent the religion and the lack of faith that they feel when they curse the bread for instance. We can also see a relationship between “down town” and “the pavement”. It metaphorically implies that Richard Cory has to get down to the level of the common folks, that otherwise he would be on higher grounds than them. There is also a metonymy in “from sole to crown”, instead of writing form head to toe, “sole to crown” reasserts the importance given to the king-like appearance of Richard Cory. The phrase “richer than a king” paired with the fact that it is followed by the idea of grace puts Cory even higher on…

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