Richard Connell 's Writing And Writing Essay

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From the beginning of short story, there have been many great writers whose work will go on for years to come. One of the great writers and most remembered was Richard Connell. Connell was a popular author and journalist whose short stories were regularly published in magazines such as “The Saturday Evening Post” and “Collier’s weekly”. Connell’s writing was different from other authors and screenplay writers in his lifetimes, which allowed his work to stick out. Connell’s childhood, college experience, and experience in the service all influenced his writing topics and style; as well as the Naturalism movement (1870-1914).
To start off, Richard Connell was born on October 17th, 1983 to Richard Connell Senior and Mary Connell in Poughkeepsie, New York. Connell’s father was the owner of Poughkeepsie News-Press, which is what gave leeway to Connell’s writing career. He started writing covering baseball games that were published in his father’s newspaper at 10 years old. At the age of 16, Connell was the editor at Poughkeepsie News-Press. Connell started off his college career attending Georgetown College in New York but left to be his father’s secretary. He then attended Harvard University when his father died in 1912. After Connell graduated from Harvard he received many impressive jobs like the Editor at the Daily Crimson, Editor of Harvard Lampoon Magazine, and a reporter for New York America. However Connell enlisted in the Army in July 1917 to serve in World War I.…

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