Essay on Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson or known as Sir Richard Branson is well known as the founder of Virgin Group. He was born on July 18th 1950 in Surrey, England and he is the eldest son of Edward James Branson and Eve Huntley Branson, his father worked as a lawyer and his grandfather, Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson was a judge of the High Court of Justice. Until the age of thirteen, Sir Richard Branson was educated at Scaitcliffe School and He moved and studied at one of a boarding school, which was Stowe School until the age of sixteen. However, Sir Richard Branson wasn’t a brilliant and smart student, he had dyslexia (broad terminology defining an anomalous approach to processing information which caused a difficulty in accuracy of …show more content…
He believes that failure is just another opportunity to learn. Leader and boss are totally different, when a boss said to his employee to go, a leader said to his employee "let's go". He trusts his employees as the first priority, for him he can't be a good leader if he can't genuinely like people, he always said that to his employees to have fun in their job, smile whenever they can, and believe in their ideas and their colleagues because synergy is very important in the company. He spends a lot of time in the early days of a new business, drawing the big picture and helping the management setting the business plan and the way forward. When this is done he takes a step back and let’s the management get a stake in the business and drive it forward. ”The company must be set up so that it can continue without me”. Sir Richard Branson is a humble person; he learnt that from her mom, her mom said, if someday the business has been well known and gone good, it's very easy to make a person arrogant, her mom always reminds him to keep his feet firmly on ground, her mom always believe in him despite of the media's strike about Richard Branson, her mom seldom praises him on the media because she wants to make him keep low profile espcially in the charity things. She has always given me quiet, constant encouragement.

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