Richard Branson Losing My Virginity Essay

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Joseph Mauriello
October 13, 2011
Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson 1) One of the first and most important points that Branson touched on was that, “you want to create something that you are proud of.” By this, he means that you should have a genuine passion for the business you are starting. Without this passion, you might not have 100% belief in your company or product and as a result, not procure your greatest efforts into the success of your business. Additionally, Branson goes on to claim that he has “never gone into any business purely to make money.” For most of the publication of Student, Branson and his friends were working totally for free. They enjoyed working on the magazine and wanted to come up with
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The fact that his friends and anyone who was interested in helping out with the Student magazine, wrote articles, distributed the magazine, and assisted wherever they were needed for free was a huge part in the magazine’s success. Student was initially run from Johnny’s parent’s basement, to a house, and lastly a crypt; all of which they occupied for free. Eventually, they started utilizing their account at Coutts regularly too. Without these low cost tactics and the occasional donations from his parents, Branson wouldn’t have been able to print one issue and Student wouldn’t have existed. Furthermore, when he started Virgin Mail Order they “rarely washed their clothes, always turned the lights out of an unoccupied room, and only made rapid phone calls (Page 72).” 4) Branson was always creative when starting a new business opportunity. While lobbying for investors in the Student, Branson would trick them by claiming that their rival company had taken up advertisement space in the magazine in attempt to get them to purchase advertisement space as well. Branson then pretended to take calls from celebrities while in the middle of interviews with other journalists; this intrigued the journalists and consequently gave Student massive public recognition from established contributors (Page 60). The Virgin Record shops were stores where customers could listen to music for as long as they pleased in a comfortable atmosphere (which often included

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