Richard Brannson: Leadership Style And Characteristic Of Virgin Group

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Leadership style and characteristic of Richard Branson virgin group
Leadership is an important factor that contributes to the success of a venture. Managers or entrepreneurs have the liberty to choose a leadership style that they think will produce positive results in a profit making organization. These leadership skills include; charismatic leadership, people-oriented leadership, servant leadership, task-oriented leadership, and transformational leadership. Each leadership style has its advantages and shortcomings.
This paper is aimed at assessing the leadership offered by Richard Branson, the founder and leader of Virgin Group. Branson has been using a unique way of leading his employees resulting to a successful journey of
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It will be ineffective to run all of the enterprises from a single office. Branson made a wise move by involving all the employees in making crucial decisions. This ensured that all the businesses can continue well with his absence. In so doing, the company has managed to diversify its investment. This is a reflection of the different dreams generated from employees that were made true. Also, the employees were on the ground placing them in a better position to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, Richard has made sure he hired bright employees and made them part of his venture by giving them a stake. Therefore, the company has successively invested in multiple lines of businesses.
Branson leadership has been transformational where he has focused on utilizing any opportunity that he came across while interacting with his employees and customers. His interaction with the customers helped him to make all the necessary changes that led to the satisfaction of the clients. As he was influencing the people around him, he was also eager to be influenced. This ensured that he was able to consider the concerns of the employees he was working with and the clients he was
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This encourages the participation of the employees. The employees are able to listen and follow his vision since they feel that he is doing the communication in a respective manner. Whenever Branson wanted to pass a message to an employee, he used to look for them instead of summoning them to his office. This created a sense of confidence among the employees. Also, they appreciated his way of leadership by doing exactly what he wanted. Such employees cooperated with Branson just to proof him right about his way of handling them.
Additionally, Branson tried as much as possible to be in touch with his subjects. This cemented the bond between him and most of the workers who work close to him. The personal relationship with them has the employees to understand him better. They are, therefore, aware of his attitudes towards them and the whole group in general. Therefore, the level of trust that exists between them ensures that all his concerns are handled. Also, the employees feel that they are part of the investment and are ready to do anything within their capacity to ensure that the virgin group

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