Claustrophobia In The Secret Life Of Richard Lester

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Pressed play and immediately it thrusts its audience into the mass hysteria of 1964 with The Beatles reaching the pinnacle of their much desired fame, little by little isolating them away from their humbling roots in Liverpool. Director, Richard Lester, shoots the opening scene with rapid precision, immediately immersing the audience through the repeated screams and cries of the band’s devoted fans, and the four members themselves at their most desperate, where a potential stumble could leave them swarmed by the seemingly abusive hands and stares of their admirers. It is a snapshot of the four member’s reality, capturing a sense of sincerity that would have been lost if not for the intelligent usage of a documentary style of shooting and swift editing to elevate the sense of claustrophobia. This moment is the necessary establishment that would shape the minds of its audience, knowing that the entire feature would take on a concise structure and execution, and much of its passages would be filled with a tongue and cheek energy that immediately catches one’s attention; an equal admiration given to Richard Lester himself rather than simply the famed pop stars that fill it.

As said earlier, the film’s focus finds itself comfortable in the lives of its four protagonists, uncontrolled by the
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However, Lester remains loyal to each of the four members, allowing its concise screen time to be equally shared, where a noticeable sense of growth could be felt with each passing second, and individualised scenes focused and charged to further emphasise its ideas and satire, expanding the film from simply being a down to earth

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