Rhetorical Essay : ' Bullets Of Sweat '

718 Words Aug 31st, 2015 3 Pages
Bullets of sweat started running down my face as it is my turn to read a page from a book out loud to the class. Although the book was a simple elementary level book, to me it had the complexity of Shakespeare as I looked down at the words. For many kids my age reading skills seemed to come naturally to them, they could read through pages and pages without the slightest flaw. This made me question if there was something wrong with me or if I would ever be able to read as elegantly as others seemed too. If I wanted to be like the other kids it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication on my part, so over the summer of fourth and fifth grade I did nothing but eat and breathe books. I was determined to start fifth grade and not be afraid of when it was my turn to read out loud. To begin my journey of literacy I started by simply reading comic books. Although there were not many words in these books they provided an exciting story line that deeply hooked my interest and made me want more. Reading about the exhilarating adventures of Batman and Robin took up the majority of my summer. Eventually I also started incorporating other books such as The Box Car Children and Goosebumps. My parents were very supportive of my endeavor of being able to conquer Hemmingway by the end of summer. They would take me to the library everyday if I wanted to go or buy me any book I wanted at the local store. Unfortunately it would be many years later till I read my first Hemmingway book…

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