Rhetorical Devices In Jfk's Inaugural Address

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John F. Kennedy’s legacy is one that will be an impact and will live forever in the American citizens. He was a powerful president who had set a precedent for future presidents. Kennedy had many ingenious ideas about politics and the welfare of people, as we can see, even till today and many of his ideas had inspired people all around the world. JFK’s Inaugural Address and “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration 50 Years On”, both texts were effective in conveying the legacy of JFK, but JFK’s Inaugural Address (speech) is more effective in conveying JFK’s legacy through certain stylistic elements used. In both texts, the use of repetitions was used effectively to convey JFK’s legacy. The use of repetitions proves to the reader that the author is emphasizing important ideas. An example that stood out in JFK’s inaugural speech was “Let both sides…” the repetition used …show more content…
Kennedy uses repetition in the speech “Let both sides” in order to instill in the people to deter from fighting with one another (country vs. country) and he wanted rather for the world to come together on one page and achieve peace. The goal of achieving peace was one of Kennedy’s agenda’s as President, and is also what he is known most for (this was his part of his legacy). He uses this specific repetition to show the equal importance in his emphasis on this subject. The repetition used in the “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration” essay, “Snow”, “Freezing” and “Cold” showed to the readers that despite the cold weather’s impact on Kennedy’s inauguration day, Kennedy was able to give a positive impact on the world about his ideas on peace. Although the two uses of repetition in the texts differed, they both had disclosed the idea that Kennedy was a determined man who was willing to overcome challenges in order to get to the goal of achieving

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