Rhetorical Appeals In Into The Wild

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When a person loses faith in society and willingly leaves, they abandon everything and walk into the wild just as Chris McCandless did. Into the Wild, written by John Krakauer evaluates Chris McCandless decision to desert his family and walk into the Alaskan Bush. The novel was written in 1996 by John Krakauer, four years after Chris McCandless death. Through the use of rhetorical appeals, author John Krakauer argues that Chris McCandless, while in his right mind, deliberately left society and walked toward his true place of happiness, the Alaskan Bush. John Krakauer uses the rhetorical appeal of ethos to persuade the readers of Chris McCandless intentions. Krakauer is trying to prove that although Chris McCandless is making an unorthodox …show more content…
For example, McCandless faced such an attraction to the Alaskan Bush that, “Like not a few of those seduced by the wild, McCandless seems to have been driven by a variety of lust that supplanted sexual desire. His yearning, in a sense, was too powerful to be quenched by human contact. McCandless may have been tempted by the succor offered by women, but it paled beside the prospect of rough congress with nature, with the cosmos itself. And thus was he drawn north, to Alaska” (Krakauer 100). Krakauer argues that McCandless found no sustenance in society, which was perhaps a result of his relationship with his parents in which, “He brooded at length over what he perceived to be his father’s moral shortcomings, the hypocrisy of his parents’ lifestyle, the tyranny of their conditional love. Eventually, Chris rebelled—and when he finally did, it was with characteristic immoderation” (Krakauer 97). Krakauer shows reasoning for Chris's hate towards civilization because Chris grew up in a very abusive and controlling home. As a result of his upbringing, it is no wonder that Chris found peace in nature and not people, because he was continually surrounded by an abusive father. By appealing logos, John Krakauer demonstrates analytical reasons as to why McCandless left

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