Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Speech on Race Essay example

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“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union”1 - On March the 18th 2008 Barack Obama opened his speech on race, in Philadelphia, with this sentence. From the open sentence you can see that this speech isn’t any speech, perform by any orator. It’s a speech with a main message, performed for the people, to creates a brighter future for all the American people and to change history. Obama’s speech on race was a part of his campaign while he was running for the presidential election in 2009. He speaks to the American people with the purpose to gather them and with spirit of fellowship to creates a unity and patriotism. A unity where everyone stands together and in jointly could make the world a better place for everyone, no matter …show more content…
The uses of “we” is also a use of rhetorical tool Pathos, which appeals to the audience’s feelings and in their subconsciousness, they feel like a unity. Both black males had hopes for the future generation, despite their skin colour, but their hopes were not correctly the same. Martin Luther King’s intention was equality between black and white people. All people should have the same rights, but because of Martin Luther King’s pessimism he didn’t believe the segregation to be eliminated, and on the surface of that he also didn’t want it to happen. Obama has a different view, he desires the segregation eliminated. Just as Martin Luther King, Obama also wants equality, but he wants the Americans to work as a team, and that is the biggest dissociation between the two speeches.

The speech on race by Barack Obama is just one out of over 100 Obama speeches, but this one is special. It’s a speech which moved several Americans and other people around the world, because of the strong point and message. Obama wants to create a connection to his audience and let them know, if they work as a unity and see people as individuals with special qualities, they are able to start a new era, a new history. Americans can be patriots. On January the 20th 2009 the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President in USA was held. He is the first African-American President in USA and from that point he redeems one of his pledges - to make

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