Rhetorical Analysis a Day Which Will Live in Infamy Essay

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A Day Which Will Live in Infamy
Franklin D. Roosevelt asked for a Joint Session of Congress in which only the most important issues are discussed which gives the American People an idea of the magnitude of the matter at hand; this establishes credibility or Ethos right off the bat. The speech’s audience is undoubtedly the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, the members of the Senate, and the House of Representatives. We can also rightly assume that the American people are an indirect audience or secondary audience, because Roosevelt needs the support of the people in order to go to war. Roosevelt used the speech to educate the American people on the occurrence of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 as well as to
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Anticipating the American people will want revenge he brings up the loss of lives at Pearl Harbor, and the sinking of ships in-between San Francisco and Hawaii. Obviously he chose his words wisely as the people did respond in such a way as the “isolationist” movement is done with not thirty minutes after the speech when Congress declared war on Japan. This speech almost pushed the public into a pro-war state of mind and we can see the

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