Rhetorical Analysis : The University Of Alabama At Birmingham

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When I was first accepted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I did not know what adventures were going to come my way. I did not know what adversities were going to show themselves to me unsuspectingly. I knew I would face these adversities and I knew I would grow from them. This adversity in college has also presented itself in this English course by challenging who I am as a writer in the same way that UAB has challenged who I am as a person and as a student. When I got to UAB, I knew how to write a thesis statement and how to use MLA but this course has helped me develop and hone in my skills in a more realistic setting. I have made two-prong thesis statements in a conflicting viewpoint paper. I have focused on using my rhetorical skills instead of simply writing a paper on the symbolism like I did for the majority of my high school career.

Rhetorical skills had always been a separate set of information from my writing skills. The skills along with literary terms were used as nothing more than information, but college has helped espouse both with my actual writing process. I have learned how to write to a higher academic standard by being able to use my literary skills and my rhetorical skills together as I did in my literary analysis of Mark Strand’s poem Man and Camel. I was able to use learned rhetorical strategies to reason out fact for fiction in the poem. This was not successful at first, but after many difficult drafts and adaptations of my writing…

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