Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : The Informative Synthesis

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At the start of the course, the class was introduced to the writing type: Summary. It was difficult to grasp because the previous writing styles that were used were subjective. Though, the transition from subjective to objective was successful. Notably, the concept of summary aided in constructing the annotated bibliographies. Which, helped with one of the harder assignments: The Informative Synthesis. Within the informative synthesis, there was a use of summary and an incorporation of comparing articles. Ultimately, the skills used in the informative synthesis carried onto the rhetorical analysis. The rhetorical analysis differed from the other assignments by being more subjective. When I started on this assignment, I had to look at the articles from the perspective of someone from the younger generation who was not doing the assignment. It helped with formulating the suspected reactions of reading the two articles.

Rhetorical Analysis
Modern versus tradition is the ideology of many, usually used to show the differences of past generations with the current generation. Modern can be characterized by or using the most up-to-date techniques, ideas, or equipment. Society, typically, associates modern with the use of technology and the internet. Yet, there are those among us who do not believe that the use of modern technology is resourceful. Those who are uncomfortable with the advances, generally, use the traditional way of interpreting and sharing…

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