Essay about Rhetorical Analysis : The English Language

1283 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
To me, the English language has sometimes felt like a non-topical subject; the ever-present facet of the daily lives of people across the world. In my years before higher education, language did not really have an impact on how I viewed the world, because it felt like a part of standard living; English and Korean at home, English at school. Even with the study of English in Advanced Placement classes, I always felt that the study of English was even sometimes stress-inducing, reading the works of dead writers, whose writings were filled with mannerisms that no one uses today. Yet, after I went into academia, I began to explore the true purpose of language, realizing that it is more than just a tool for communication, but a whole world of ideas to be analyzed, and a medium for change and the greater good. Through taking this English course this semester, I feel that I now understand more of the nuances of the English language, and what it can achieve, whether it is through rhetorical analysis, or questioning or critiquing the world of its achievements and failings. This course gave me a chance to reflect upon my learnings to an extent that I never had before, where classes always felt rushed to teach towards the final AP exam at the end of the semester, never stopping to truly appreciate what the English language can achieve. Before taking this course, I felt that I always had a basic understanding of the topics we covered, starting with culture, but even my grasp on these…

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