Rhetorical Analysis: The Case For Engineering Our Food

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Many Americans strongly believe that genetically modifying food ultimately causes serious health issues and may lead to a shorter life span. Other countries have even band genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to prevent their consumers from having health issues. American consumers strive to eat organically or non-GMO products in order to prevent these health risks. However, genetically modifying food is one of America’s most controversial topics gaining many different opinions from the public, including Pamela Ronald’s. Pamela Ronald uses rhetorical devices in her speech titled “The Case for Engineering Our Food” such as truth surrogate, rhetorical explanation and innuendo to make the reader believe that genetically modifying food is not dangerous …show more content…
She uses innuendo particularly when she makes the following statement, “rice is a staple food for more than half the world’s people and each year 40 percent of the potential harvest is lost to pest and disease. For this reason farmers plant rice varieties that carry genes for resistance.” By stating that almost half the world’s staple food is lost every year to pest and disease and the reason farmers use plant rice varieties that carry genes for resistance the speaker implies that the potential harvest is not all lost to pest and disease and can fully supply half the world with its staple food. In addition this motivates the reader to assume that if farmers plant rice varieties that carry genes for resistance it will ultimately help the world with its biggest staple crop.
In conclusion Pamela Ronald’s usage of rhetorical devices such as truth surrogates, rhetorical explanation and innuendo cause the reader to unconsciously transform their opinion regarding genetically modifying food into a more positive perspective. The reader believes that Pamela is only stating credible evidence and will only give information to the consumer that is truthful, ultimately getting across a convincing argument to the reader about how GMOs sustain the growing

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