Rhetorical Analysis: "The American Dream, Supersized" Essay

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AP Language and Composition 3rd period
5 September 2011
Rhetorical Analysis: “The American Dream, Supersized” In “The American Dream, Supersized”, Bruce Handy and Glynis Sweeney use juxtapositioning, irony, and the title of the piece to humorously bring attention to how the vision of America has changed, and how the American dream is a lot different today than it was in the past. The first rhetorical choice Handy and Sweeney use in their piece is the title. The word supersized is separated from the rest of the title with a comma, so that it is emphasized. The word supersized is also an allusion to McDonald’s, which is seen all over the world as a symbol of America. McDonald’s is a huge corporation, and using a word related to it in
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It is used in the third frame when the father asks the daughter what her favorite part of the field trip was, and she says it was watching The Simpsons in the limo. This is ironic because they went on a field trip to learn about the immigrants of the past, and the father was excited to hear about what she had learned. Irony is also used in the fourth frame, when the children are driving by the tenements in a limo. This is ironic because the tenements represent immigrants that were very hard working, and the children are driving by in a vehicle that represents wealth and luxury. In conclusion, Handy and Sweeney’s article used all of these rhetorical choices to effectively and humorously. Before reading this piece, I never thought of how the American dream may have changed, because I wasn’t affected by it. However, after seeing it from their point of view, I can see how it has changed, and I feel that people should pay more attention to the issue, because our country does not represent what it used to, and our society should be concerned by

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