Rhetorical Analysis : That 's Not Funny, An Article Written By Caitlyn Flanagan

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nglish 1020 is a writing class and the majority of the activities we perform in the class are related to writing and also master our learning outcomes for the class. These learning outcomes are goals set for students by the professor so that the student can use these techniques in his future essays. Blogs, draft reviews with our peers and various other activities helped achieve these learning outcomes. There are a total of 5 projects and 10 blog posts which we had to finish to pass the class. I have achieved goals like writing about rhetorical situations, researching a topic I am unfamiliar with, making an evaluated and researched argumentative essay and describing my stance through an infographic. Writing these pieces have strengthened my learning outcomes.
Project 1 was designed to understand what a rhetorical situation was and how to a write a rhetorical analysis on a scholarly article. I was tasked to write a rhetorical analysis paper on
“That’s Not Funny”, an article written by Caitlyn Flanagan and focused mainly on rhetorical analysis. This challenged my writing skills as I was unfamiliar of this kind of writing. The genre and the rubric were two key points from this project which helped me change as a writer. As I look at my rhetorical analysis paper on the article, I can confidently say that I have improved my writing and delivered the essay in a professional manner. Although there were some errors in the essay, I definitely think improvement and learning new writing…

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