Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : Rhetoric And On Analysis

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Reading about rhetoric and on analysis, you can understand how important it is for texts and writings. Rhetoric I have learned, is the understanding how communication happens. Rhetorical analysis, however, is a form of criticism that provides the principle of rhetoric to examine the interactions between a text, an author, and audience.

The composer (usually an author) must provide purpose for us to understand and use analysis. Does the composer focus on a specific group or wide range of groups (DK handbook pg.7)? Were there outside factors? Analysis helped me to answer those questions. Analysis helps break down to pieces to help learn how the pieces fit together as a whole. Example from this was how a doctor examines a disease in a liver. The doctor learns of all functions of the body and how a single change of that(liver) can alter the body like how it effects the stomach (DK handbook pg. 132). This is the same way to use in analyzing in writing. There are important steps to follow in analysis for writing. First step is analysis, understand, and ask questions (DK handbook pg. 133).
Some questions you can ask yourself like “Does the text achieve the composers purpose?” (DK Handbook Pg.133).

Now for rhetorical analysis, there are 2 steps. First is determining the choices composers make in developing a text. Second is considering how those choices help composers achieve their purpose with their particular audience. Don’t mix up analysis and rhetorical analysis for they…

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