Rhetorical Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' The Corner ' Essay

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In the chapter “The Corner” pages 290-291, from the book In Cold Blood, by author Truman Capote we will take an inside look at how Capote takes advantage of rhetorical strategies to convey his attitude towards Perry Smith. Throughout the book Capote writes about the story behind the Clutter family murders from the eyes of the townspeople and the murderers, both Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, while doing so we can see the contrast of attitude that Capote has towards both Smith and Hickock. In this way, Capote uses strategies of characterization, and pathos to convey the words of Perry Smith.
In the beginning of page 290 we start off with the thoughts of Perry, in which he describes to us, through characterization, how Ms. Meier was a “terrific cook” and how “you ought to taste her Spanish rice” he then goes off to talk to the reader about how he lost several pounds as him and Dick were out “road riding” and how they “lived like animals”. In which he goes on to describe how he only steals because he doesn’t have the money to buy things, but with Dick, Perry says “It’s an emotional thing with him -- a sickness” and that if Dick were carrying a few hundred dollars in his pocket, he’d even steal a pack of chewing gum. This is just one of many examples of how Dick is seen to be a bad person, throughout the book. It almost is as though both Perry, and even Capote speak of Dick as though he does things just for thrill and the chase. Whereas Perry is seen as being more thoughtful,…

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