A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement

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Taylor Carter
Dr. Akassi
October 15, 2016

Rhetorical Analysis Even though decades have passed the African-American community continues to fight for equality. The image focused on was taken by a Baltimore resident known as Devin Allen. The image made it on the cover of Time Magazine and made a huge societal controversy. The photographer and editor creates an image that will grasp the viewers undivided attention. Between 1968 and 2015 nothing has changed the photo conveys an unstated message that black lives truly matter, nothing has changed over many years, and there may be different views of the image and the advertisement as a whole that the editor expect for the viewers to think about. The advertisement is against an elitist view
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The man running alone with a background of an army of police officers grasp my attention before anything. Then the wording on the image secondly grasps my attention, it forces me to think and compare the years on the advertisement. The image alone is very nice image the photographer did an excellent job it is a very simple yet attracting image. As a black woman I see this image differently from a white woman my age.
I believe that the text on the image shows an important logical appeal. The audience for the image is the white community and it forces people of all ages to attract to the image. The view in ad that is indirect not only his appearance, but why he dresses the way he does. In this day and age and in African American street culture people dress the way the man in the ad does. It has nothing to do with the man and his personality or demeanor. The way he dresses may cause people to assume things about the man in the photo. People may take the image and read it the wrong way and construct a negative
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The design balances the theme of the ad completely. The ad is not only neat, but the word structures and arrangements create more towards the meaning and to the arrangement of the image and wording. Signs and symbols that you are able to identify in the advertisement is the touch of red in the black and white photo. The red plays a part in the advertisement as a sign of distress, red is normally used as a color to show sadness. The image forces an emotional side from all

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