Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analyses Essay
Ta-nehisi Coates wrote a memoir addressed to his son Samori titled Between the world and me, where he refers to The Dream and want it truly consists of. Coates avoids from portraying his memoir as a rant against the fight between two races. He doesn’t write of the cliché arguments that we have all heard more than enough times. In Coates’s memoir, he starts the memoir of by making a distinct separation between the two different groups one known as a dreamer and those who aren’t dreamers. Coates refers to the dream in a variety of different ways he goes from talking about how the dream smells of peppermint and taste of strawberry shortcake to how it puts black bodies in danger. No matter what perspective Coates decides to show the reader of what the dream is he stays overall consistent throughout the memoir about how he perceive the dream.
In the very few pages of the memoir Coates bluntly tell the reader that for those who aren’t dreamers and don’t believe they are white that the escape of The Dream isn’t possible. Coates paints a beautiful image of the Dream that smells of peppermint, tastes of strawberry shortcake, has cub scouts and tree houses. Yet despite how beautiful he depicts the dream Coates then turns around switches his tone and tells the reader that he wants to escape it all. Coates writes “But this has never been an option because The Dream rests on our backs, the bedding made from our bodies” (11). Earlier in the passage Coates goes…

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