Rajiv Maheswaran Rhetorical Devices

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Rhetorical Analysis

Everyday coaches and basketball players look for ways to improve their game. The ones watching the game who are sports fans focus on basketball players, their performance, and statistics. Indeed, “The math behind basketball’s wildest moves” is a TED talk given by Rajiv Maheswaran’s, in which he introduces a newly enhanced machine that will help basketball teams make smarter decisions on the court. He uses logical, credit, and emotional appeals by providing, examples, illustrations and running tests on the machine to show why this machine is the real deal. This machine is designed to give coaches and basketball players excellent feedback towards the insight of game data and will grab the attention towards anybody who wants
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Well, yes, it is,” a line he uses as an emotional appeal in Pathos to get us to wonder how this machine may be smarter than a coach (Maheswaran). During the 2013 NBA finals, a shot was made that changed history by the player Ray Allen in game 6; it saved the title and was captured by the machine. While during the 4rth quarter it was the right time that the opposing team had hit fifty percent of their free throws to keep the game within three-points. Only one possession left to tie the game is what made the reality so incredible. Calculating everything including the percentage of the shot going in with defense, the chances of getting the rebound, and the possibility of another shot going in while open, was an accurate breakdown to that moment being able to happen. When being down 5 points with 28 seconds remaining and a win or go home situation, the chances of winning is …show more content…
Sports fans are left with more knowledge of what goes on in a basketball game instead in all aspects. They have a better view on the point that not just one player helps the team win a game, but it’s the entire teams that helps win games. It puts coaches in the position to use the machine for the practice of possibly putting them on the road to a championship game. The final goal would be to win the championship. It would benefit players to use the machine to take their game to the next level. The examples, illustrations, and data claims that Rajiv’s intention of his talk is not for us to give our view or opinion of the players from what is being seen on the court, but by using the machine to help us understand the game from a fluent

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