Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Major Conflict '

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Violence is the cause of almost all the conflicts in the novel. The major conflict, Hassan’s rape, is one of the worst crimes that could be committed to someone. All of the antagonists in the novel use violence as a way to draw power. It is an important aspect in the story that Baba never hit Amir to enforce his authority. He purely used his principles and his mind. A latter conflict comes about in the story when Russia invades Afghanistan, forcing Baba and Amir to leave the country. On their journey to Pakistan Baba stands up to a soldier who is threatening to rape a woman. This scene is very ironic because Baba did exactly what Amir had failed to do. Lastly when Amir returned to his home the Taliban had turned the country into one of the most violent places in the world. The amount of violence is balanced by the the main characters love for each other. This is shown in many ways, but particularly in father son bounds. Amir and Baba’s bound is complex. Their unsimilar character traits sometimes made Amir question if Baba truly loved him. But much of Baba’s disappointment in Amir was derived from Baba not being able to show his fatherly affection for Hassan. Ali and Hassan did have a strong love for each other that often Amir was jealous of . Amir and Hassan both cherished Sohrab as a son. This relationship help Amir over come his extreme guilt and to live his life. In the in entire novel there was no relationship between a mother and her child. Amir’s mother had died in…

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