Rhetorical Analysis Of `` The Great Gatsby `` By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The following essay will explore the use and efficiency of rhetoric in the literary context of a novel. Through this analysis, I will try to encompass rhetorical aspects that have been employed to create a great masterpiece of literature such as Fitzgerald’s work “The Great Gatsby”; the piece will be analyzed through the observation of rhetorical mechanisms such as Burke’s pentad, his concept of identification, the use of symbolism and the role of language. Although we often perceive a piece of literature as simply developed for its entertaining intent, we can observe that behind literary classics such as this one there is much more than the sole purpose of captivating the audience with a romantic story. Hopefully, by the end of this essay, I’ll be able to provide you with the insight of what a literary piece can achieve when rhetoric is judiciously applied.
As I said, in the development of a novel there is often much more than the simple intent of entertaining an audience; every choice that the author makes, from the type of narrative to the use of wording that is involved, encompasses a thoughtful analysis that aims at persuading the audience into embracing the ideals and values of the novel. This is reflected in Fitzgerald choice of narrative type; having read the book in two different languages and having seen the movie it is clear to me that the real essence of this story can be understood only through a novel rather than a poem or a movie. The use of symbolism, the…

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