Gettysburg Address Analysis

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During the 1960s, a series of life-changing events occurred in the United States. The Civil War between the North and the South resulted in many fatalities and destruction of property. One of our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, led the citizens of the U.S. towards freedom. His dedication and compassion encouraged his soldiers to stand against the tyrants that were attacking their nation.
One of Lincoln’s famous speeches, the Gettysburg Address, was preached in honor of the Union soldiers that had lost their lives during the Civil War. This short speech redefined the commitment of America to the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln reminded his people of the principles that all men are created equally. He believed that America was fighting not just for the promise of today, but the vast future of tomorrow. The Gettysburg Address reassured Americans that they will gain independence and equality. To achieve the nation that Abraham Lincoln had envisioned, it was critical for the whole nation to join hand-in-hand to charge against
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His influential stance gave his people the power to endure the harsh conditions that the Civil War brought. The fundamental aspect of the speech gave people a new definition of the word independence. He explained how the Declaration of Independence is the true expression of how our founding fathers perceived the new nation. He defined the true meaning of equality amongst man. When he spoke of equality, he was refereeing to the prejudiced treatment against African-Americans during that time. Lincoln explained to his people the certain morals and standards that every man should have in order to prevent violence. Lincoln strongly expressed the belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live freely and express themselves as they wish. Lincoln battled against the injustices that caused many people to go against regulatory

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