Rhetorical Analysis Of The Court Written By Kennedy Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis:
The first paragraph is part of the opinion of the Court written by Kennedy. It is about given the rights to same-sex marriage throughout the United States (OBERGEFELL v. HODGES, 2015). In this passage, Kennedy supports the decision which grants the same-sex marriage step by step. He points out the necessity of same-sex marriage by highlighting the marriage equality. Through the usage of parallelism, “Their plea is”, “Their hope is” and “They ask for”, we can get a direct understanding of what same-sex couples really want. They respect marriage, they desire marriage and they request equal dignity.
Besides, Kennedy tries to gain sympathy for the same-sex couples by using repetition to show how same-sex couples respect and desire marriage. He knows that some people may against the decision of legalising same-sex marriage, so he appeals to the reader’s emotions by repeating “respect it” to show the attitudes and feeling of same-sex couples towards marriage. He emphasises the fulfilment that marriage can bring to those same-sex couples.
Additionally, due to same-sex couples is a particular group, not accepted by many people, so he uses logos to persuade that the rights of same-sex marriage is based on the marriage equality. He also uses the Constitution to establish the credibility to end his writing. Everyone should respect the decision and same-sex couples deserve the happiness and equal dignity. Now they have the rights.
The other paragraph is part of…

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