Rhetorical Analysis Of The Article 'First Blame The Parents'

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The theme of the article “First Blame the Parents” revolves around maids who are generally suffering due to their employer’s impolite treatment. Fakhri Rajab questions the possibility of whether a maid could have any private time under such pressure. More specifically, Rajab wonders how parents could leave their children in the hands of their maid. He thinks it is hazardous for two reasons; the first, servants may try to take revenge on the children because they are oppressed by the entire family that lives in an extravagant manner. The other reason is that servants often are not Muslims. Rajab reviews the daily schedule of a family that is looking to relax while the servants are suffering. While the parents are hanging out, children stay at home with the servants, thus, as he thinks, this will lead to the maids committing crimes against the kids. Rajab believes that the real guilt is the parent neglecting children and leaving their obligation to maids, which makes children search for an emotional attachment. All this leads to maids playing a parental role while the actual parents are ignoring their vital responsibilities. Finally, the author feels that treating maids generously is the best way to avoid crimes. In this …show more content…
He writes this to raise the awareness of the maid crimes and wants the parents to pay more attention towards their children. Not all parents are careless, sometimes they have no choice ,but to leave their children at home alone and it is best to have someone to look after them. Rajab needs to understand the maids that are hired go through a process of selection where the parents make their decision very carefully to narrow down the possibilities of any maid related crimes. However, the article has realistic examples that actually do occur in some Kuwaiti households. The writing also follows the basic structure which makes it look more

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